How to Keep Your Workspace Clean and Organized

When owning a business, one of the most important aspects of maintaining it, is keeping things tidy. However, it’s not just about you doing your part, but about your employees keeping things clean as well. After all, people aren’t always considerate when it comes to dealing with their own uncleanliness. For example, let’s say you allow your employees to have snacks or drinks during non-break hours. What if they leave food bags and wrappers lying around? Even worse, what if they spill a drink, and don’t bother cleaning it up? Overall, cleaning up around the office and workspace is all part of owning a business, and everyone needs to play their part. It’s not that things aren’t going to get messy or even broken (a matter that will be discussed later), but the question is, are you going to take action when it happens? Here are some tips for keeping your business clean, among other things.

#1. Clean Up Messes Immediately

An important factor to keeping your business tidy, is cleaning up messes and/or spills right after they happen. The problem is that many people wait until hours afterwards, before they even bother to take action. For example, let’s say some juice spilled on the floor. Instead of cleaning it up immediately, however, you or one of your employees put it off until later, and ended up forgetting about it completely. By the time you clean it up, it’s a sticky mess that’s much more difficult to remove. If you have a carpet flooring in the workplace, this could end up being a huge problem for you. Not only do carpets absorb liquid spills, but they easily trap dust and dirt particles underneath. With a solid floor on the other hand, everything stays on top, and can easily be cleaned off. While spills and messes in the office might not be that common, it’s easy to get careless every once in a while. Taking care of the messes as soon as they happen, is all part of keeping the workplace clean.

#2. Make Sure Your Employees Have a Role to Play

As I mentioned earlier, even though it’s important that you do your part when cleaning the workplace, you need to make sure your employees have a role as well. You’re not their parent, and everyone needs to clean up after themselves. Not to mention teamwork is part of having a successful business. Speaking of which, you should set food and drink policies as well. Allow them to bring in their snacks and beverages, but lay down the law, and ensure that everyone cleans up their messes. On top of that, you should also set a policy that your employees eat and drink away from the keyboard. Beverages especially, aren’t safe to have around when you’re working at the computer.

#3. Replace What Is Broken

However, there’s more to tidying your business than cleaning the floor or even getting your employees involved. You need to replace what is broken as well. When you have a business that lasts for a long time, it’s pretty normal for things to eventually need repairs. After all, no matter how well you take care of your hardware, wear and tear is inevitable. The question is, however, are you going to take action and get it repaired and/or replaced? For example, let’s say you needed a new printer. Would you bother repairing/replacing it, or would you go to the nearest UPS store whenever you need to print something? The latter option would be nothing more than an inconvenience. As another example, when your laptop starts showing signs of age, are you going to accept it as it is, or will you go to the store and buy a new one? Overall, replacing and fixing what’s broken, is a key aspect of maintaining your business.

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