6 Ways To Boost Your Business Blogging Strategy

The business blog has become an industry standard to increase customer engagement and improve search engine optimization. But are you using your business blog to its full potential? Even if you consistently publish high-quality content you may be falling short.

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Check out our Business Blogging Tips below for some suggestions that will optimize your blog and create better business.

1. Create Epic Content

Epic content is an asset that lives on your website, that regularly attracts traffic, links and shares from a variety of sources. Ideally it should include lots of text (1200 words or more), social sharing buttons, embedded media like YouTube or Instagram, headings and links to both internal and external pages. IntouchInsight.com has an example of this type of content, with their Free Forms page, which includes a lot of elements to drive traffic and conversions.


2. Campaign Marketing

Blog posts are an easy way to create content for newsletters. Don’t have an email newsletter? Well, you may be inadvertently hurting your client retention rate. Newsletter content can draw more hits to your website and keep you in your customers sights. Use your newsletters as a sales and marketing tool with the help of marketing automation provided by businesses such as SalesFusion.


3. Social Media Support

Your blog can generate more hits for your social media and vice versa. Every page of content that links to your business generates more leads so take advantage of social media and keep everything connected. You can also check out social media marketing suites such as Nuvi to maximize your success.


4. Use Data Collection and Analytics

Optimize your site for PC, Mac, and mobile. There’s just no excuse. In this day and age you need to reach your customers at any time through any type of device. Once you’ve created multiple ways for customers to view your services, examine the data and adjust your marketing strategies accordingly using Google Analytics.


5. Create Higher ROI by Prioritizing Blogging

HubSpot reports that companies who regularly blog experience an overall increase in ROI. Better still, companies that prioritize their blogging – posting more often than one day per week – experience a yearly ROI increase of 13 percent.


6. Increase Customer Interaction

Running an ongoing, live blog invites customers to browse your current and past posts and react to them. Comments sections create another valuable communication tool to interact with customers and show your commitment to your business. Never leave a comment unanswered – even if it is negative – because it gives you a chance to show your willingness to engage the customer and flex those customer service skills.

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