Get More Blog Traffic TODAY With These 5 Actionable Tips

It’s easy to build a blog for your business, but often it’s a lot harder to actually drive traffic to it. If you’re a business owner or marketing manager who wants to increase the amount of visits to your website, here are five simple and actionable tips to implement in your own content strategy this week.


1. Outsource some things

Are you a shutter bug? Are you good at writing? How about webpage design? This is difficult for a lot of people to accept, but even if a blog is relatively simple it can still take a lot of effort to make it great. That is to say you might be great at taking quality pictures and writing, but if you can’t get the page to look good or function well, then you may need some outside help. Keep in mind, that the biggest and most successful blogs got where they are by fielding a team of talented individuals, so follow in their footsteps and get people with the skill sets you need.

2. Pay for targeted traffic

We often overlook the value of paid marketing when it comes to the content we give away for free, but that is a dire mistake. The whole reason for creating your blog is to increase income in one way or another. So just like with any other product you would sell, paying to increase the exposure of your blog is invaluable. The more popular your blog becomes the more useful it is to you. Paying to do so, just gets it there faster and easier.

3. Build your tribe

Social media is a great method of getting more attention for your website and blog. Managing it correctly takes certain skills, but any field of business requires learning to stay on top. Either way, social media is best used to share the newest articles you’ve written with your customers. And adding share buttons to each blog post is an amazing way to get new traffic from your customer’s circle of influence. Just remember, if you want people to share your content, then make sure you take the time to talk with them and share their posts back. It’s called “social” media after all. Brands like the commercial and industrial cleaning service Servco target a specific niche audience (in this case, office and building managers), and provide valuable information to them in the form of Facebook posts and blog content.

4. Cooperate with other bloggers

As Forbes has pointed out, working with other bloggers is a great tool for sharing your traffic with each other. Posting or hosting a guest post, does wonders to increase the traffic you get from links. The plus side of this one is that it is quite easy too. So long as you have the skill to produce an article other bloggers will like, they’ll be happy to share their traffic with you, in return for you doing the same.

5. Always over-deliver on value

According to BuzzFeed an amazing way to get people coming back to your blog consistently is to leave each post with something that makes people want to comment. When they comment on something they almost always check back later to see if someone responded to them, and creating a conversation in the comment thread keeps people coming back again and again.

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