5 Best Content Marketing Tips From Actual Businesses You Need To Follow

When you decide to blog for your business, there are some tips to keep in mind to help generate more traffic, gain more leads, and generally have more success with marketing campaigns.

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Implementing a few business blogging tips into your strategy may be easier than you think, thanks to the examples from these real companies.


1. Make a Schedule



Forbes recommends that you create a schedule of when you are going to blog, and create a list of topics. This will ensure that you don’t miss adding fresh content to your site regularly.


2. Use a Call to Action



One of the best ways for consumers to take advantage of what you are talking about is to have a call to action within the blog, using messages like “learn more” or “get your free app login.”

Companies that do this well include Work Market, Check In Easy, and Datavoke.


3. Use Keywords



Use a keyword planner to identify some keywords you want to use in your content.

For example, Ottawa Logistics has the right idea, and they use two keywords in the name of their business, too.


4. Embrace Technology



Blogs don’t have to involve text alone. You can use photos and even videos within your content to make it exciting.

Sky Boss and Garland Source have blogs that are fun and exciting because of their use of other media formats.


5. Provide Relevant Information



You don’t want all of your blogs to be too promotional.

For example, companies like Salesfusion and Tiempo Development focus on trends and information consumers will find useful.


What are some brands that you follow?

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