4 Top Ways to Boost Awareness of Your SaaS Brand on Instagram

Boasting over 600 million active users, Instagram is a strong marketing platform to increase exposure for your SaaS brand. Even as a B2B company, Instagram can be leveraged in a way to connect and engage with your audience. Managers and executives are increasingly using this network to discover more about brands and their products, and it’s important that your brand is positioned to capitalize on this growing engagement.

By taking the steps necessary today to promote your software company on Instagram, you’ll have a working marketing channel that’s consistently exposing your brand, getting it in front of new prospects and customers, and generating buzz around your name. The time is now to begin leveraging this network to your advantage.

Here are four ways to boost awareness of your SaaS brand using Instagram:


#1 Hashtags Are King on IG!

Adding hashtags to your post are extremely important on Instagram. It’s the top search tactic to new people finding your content and choosing to follow your page. If you’re appropriately using hashtags with your content, you will improve your follower numbers and increase engagement. Without hashtags, you are making it incredibly difficult to be located.

Check out these winning tips to including hashtags in your Instagram posts:

  • Use sources like Top-HashtagsHashtagify, and/or All Hashtag to finding popular hashtags that are relevant to your niche and create engagement
  • Follow your competitors and watch their content. See which hashtags are producing responses from their audience and test them with yours
  • Be sure to save your hashtags so you can copy and paste them into your caption every time
  • For better results, shoot for 5-10 hashtags per post


#2 Focus on Quality Content

The number of posts you publish daily is not as important of the quality of posts that you share. You see, users are constantly scrolling through their newsfeed, skipping posts that “blend in with the crowd”. If you want yours to stand out and resonate with your audience, it’s vital to publish high-quality images that pop and offer value-rich content in the caption.

Remember, even on Instagram, you want to position your software brand as a leading expert in your industry. This network is an additional platform to build credibility. Your strategy must be intentional in sharing posts that solves a problem, gives advice, or inspires your followers.

Here are a few suggestions for your content strategy on Instagram:

  • Be sure that your posts align with your overall business goal. If your objective is to increase awareness, share posts that highlight your brand, what you do, how you help your customers, and the benefits gained from your service
  • Stick with 1-2 signature filters that represent your brand. When people see your post in their newsfeed, it should recognize its your brand
  • Use videos to capture attention and offer multiple ways to indulge in your message
  • Post during the best times for your audience for better responsiveness
  • Consider leveraging professionals on WorkMarket to successfully execute your Instagram content like publishing, enhancing your images, and writing compelling caption content


#3 Leverage Instagram Stories

Did you know that people spend 3 times longer watching live video versus those that have already been recorded (Source: Social Media Today)? Live-streaming video is gaining real momentum on social platforms and Instagram is no exception with Stories. People have the opportunity to engage with you live and in living color! Instagram Stories is the perfect tool to humanizing your brand, building trust with your followers, and delving deeper into industry topics.

Use Instagram Stories to get prospects and customers to ask questions about your software service. They have to DM you for inquiries but use this moment to connect one-on-one with your followers. Take the data gleaned from your customer monitoring tool like Intouch Insight and expand on feedback shared to gain more insight directly from your audience. You can also take them behind-the-scenes on what goes into building your product, the features, and how to successfully use it to their advantage.

The ideas are endless when leveraging live-streaming videos.


#4 Host Contests

Social media contests are superb tactics to increasing exposure and getting more people talking about your company. People love free giveaways and by making it easy to enter, you can generate a good number of leads and new followers from your efforts.

Instagram is perfect because you can simply have people “like your post” by double-tapping to participate. Along with your branded hashtag include your popular industry-related hashtags so new users can find you. Also create a hashtag name for your contest.

If you want to use this technique to build your list, give a clear call-to-action in your image and your caption directing people to your bio to click on the link, which should direct to your landing page for visitors to opt-in.

The good news is you can implement this tactic as soon as tomorrow to start generating attention to your page. Use your social media management tool like Nuvi to help you consistently schedule posts promoting your contest. Be sure to showcase a prize that entices people to enter. A free trial with your software, flagship product, or branded t-shirt works perfectly!



These tips gives you an excellent advantage to growing your SaaS brand on Instagram. Simply choose two tactics, test your results, and ramp up from there. The key is measuring and finding what works best with your audience to produce ongoing results. With consistency, Instagram will be a reliable source to attracting new customers to your business.

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